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>> he sat next to me in thermal dynamics. >> i heard her say before the show to the producer, it's the groundhog or me? make a choice. >> yeah. good morning, everyone, at home. on this super bowl eve. we got you covered from the big easy, coaching brothers jim and john harbaugh, will be on opposite sides tomorrow. they squared off for the first time in a pregame news conference, who came out on top? as an only child, i can't really understand this rivalry. you have a brother, you get this? >> yes. i have always lost. also this morning, we'll take you behind the scenes of one of the best of the super bowl ads. here's the star, there she is. a baby budweiser clydesdale. so young that she doesn't have a name yet. >> look at that sweet face. and if you're watching the game, you want to eat, right? from the show that brought you
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the 47-layer dip a couple of days ago, now, bam, nacho lasagna. we'll tell you what you need to make it, coming up on the show. >> apparently it's low fat? >> no. we're going to start with news. we're going to take a first look at the man who provoked an extraordinary crisis this morning. we have all seen hostage negotiations in the movies, but this one is stranger and more disturbing than fiction. involving a 5-year-old boy and a harmed survivalist and real no end in sight. abc's gio benitez is in midland city, alabama, once again this morning. gio? >> reporter: dan, good morning. this is now day five of this hostage standoff, it's happening just behind that white building that you see there. now, today, we're getting the details about how it all started from the children who were there and saw it all happen. this morning, a photo of the man who police said launched a dramatic hostage standoff. jimmy lee dykes has been holding
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a 5-year-old named ethan against his will in an underground bunker since tuesday. communicating with negotiators through the pipe. >> i looked up and he's talking about threatening to kill us all or something. >> reporter: it all started when dykes stormed onto this school bus, killed the driver and kidnapped the child. >> he said, i'll kill you all. he said, i just want two kids. >> reporter: they were on that bus. they said that dykes got on and gave the driver what appeared to be a gift of broccoli and a note and then demanded two children. >> the bus driver kept saying, just please get off the bus. he said, no. so, he just tried to back up and he pulled out the gun and he just shot him. and he just took ethan. >> reporter: when all of this started, what were you thinking? >> i was shocked. like, i never thought that i would have to go through a shootout.
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>> reporter: they were able to escape. while dykes ran off carrying little ethan. that's when their mom got the frantic call about the shooting. and went to find them and their older brother. >> i grabbed all three of them at once and i started crying. and i was thankful they were safe. >> reporter: the children had seen dykes before. constantly working on his fence. neighbors say that he was a survivalist and had been violent toward local animals in the past. >> he was very protective about his stuff. whenever he stared at you he looked kind of crazy. >> reporter: as for little ethan, we have learned that he likes to sit in the same front-row seat. because he loves the view. it believes that he's a child with autism. dykes has allowed negotiators to send down ethan's medicine down into the bunker, as well as
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coloring books. to everyone watching, who's nervous about ethan, what do you say? >> ethan would make it out there. >> reporter: these children believe that bus driver is a hero here, he immediately pushed an emergency button in that bus and tried calling 911 from his phone. that's believed when he was shot. by the way, police told us they believe that the child is unharmed, at least physically unharmed, so that's some good news this morning. >> that's good news. gio has been on this story. let's go now to brad garrett, he's an abc news consultant and former fbi agent, he joins us from washington this morning. brad, take us inside these hostage negotiations, how do you negotiate with a survivalist who has plenty of food and everything else he needs to stay in there, doesn't have to leave any time soon? how do you negotiate? >> because it's all about doing certain things in an order. in other words, what do you want, mr. dykes? and he, early on in this negotiation, he would have told them he wants a, b and c.
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negotiators may know they're not realistic. but what they're going to do is negotiate pieces of that, for example, it appears that they have been able to get food and perhaps medicine into the bunker. now, that's important. because, it's mr. dykes sort of humanizing his captor. as long as you can keep that dynamic going that's where you want to be. dan, this case creates some unique challenges for tactical teams. because, how do you get into this bunker if they have to go in and safely get this 5-year-old out? one entrance i suspect that there's no way to do a dynamic entry where you get in through a flash grenade and grab him. it's a very confined space. i think they'll try to wait him out. the problem is, you got a guy who's anti-government and is bent on doing one particular thing. and, my guess is, he's not going to get what he wants. >> and, brad, it's clear that he
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spent a lot of time preparing for this, do you think this can end peacefully as more and more days go on? >> you know, it's very difficult to really figure that out. only because, at some point, i think, they're going to probably have to go in there. because he's just not going to let this child go. now, hopefully, that won't be the case. i'm not convinced that will be the best. ideally, can they talk this child out? i'm not completely optimistic they'll be able to do that. >> such a young child. our thoughts and our prayers are with him and his family. brad garrett, we appreciate your time this morning. now, let's turn to ron claiborne for the other developing stories this morning. hi, ron. >> hi, there. we begin with that terrorist attack on the u.s. embassy in turkey that left one security guard dead. washington is now warning americans to stay away from diplomatic facilities in turkey.
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abc's nick schifrin is in ankara, turkey, with the latest. >> reporter: u.s. and turkish officials are combing through all of the evidence they can, trying to find out who was behind this. you can see behind me, u.s. officials are actually sifting through some of the debris that explosion caused yesterday. now, this bomb could have been much more deadly and it wasn't because of new security. you can see some of it behind me. that glass is bulletproof and this gate protects the embassy all of the way around. the building itself is about 500 feet. now, the staff tells me that they're back at work and across town, there's a funeral for the security guard. the ambassador here today is calling him a hero. ron? >> okay, nick schifrin reporting. and wall street is now within striking distance of its all-time high. after passing another milestone on friday. the dow closed above 14,000 for the first time in five years. the benchmark is now just 155 points away from its record high close.
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and a convicted killer serving time in indiana, who was then set free in chicago by mistake. is back in custody this morning. he was apprehended late last night without incident. he just walked out of jail on wednesday after a local charge against him was dismissed. officials at the jail didn't have the paperwork. he had been sent to chicago to face the charge that was dropped there. and dozens of students have been disciplined over a cheating scandal that has rocked harvard university. about 60 students have been foreced to temporarily withdraw from the school. as many as 125 students were implicated last for fall cheating per the take-home exam for the instruction to congress course. they had the exact same answers word for word, including typos. finally, we heard talk of a chicken wing shortage, but that
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certainly wasn't the case in philadelphia on friday, about 20,000 people turned out for wing bowl 21. the annual chicken wing eating competition, james "the bear" mcdonnell was the champion. downing 287 wings in 30 minutes. he said that he planned to celebrate by eating some philly cheese steaks. >> really? >> which is why they call him the bear. >> thank you, ron. check out this amazing statistic. today is the first day since 1983 that neither bill nor hillary clinton have been in government office, ending a run of 10,980 days. as hillary clinton stepped down from the state department on friday, she was throwing punches and remaining coy on what's next. abc's reena ninan is in washington this morning. >> reporter: it was really quite the sendoff, complete with gifts from staffers. like a driver's man yell, phone book and even tsa-approved
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three-ounce clear bottles for air travel. >> thank you. >> reporter: it was a good-bye a source close to the secretary described as high-charge and sentimental. >> quite a challenging week, saying good-bye to so many people. >> hi, how are you? >> reporter: labeled as traveling nearly 1 million miles to more countries than any other secretary of state. >> i have spent many hours here in washington, around the world and in airplanes. >> reporter: she made clear from the start she wasn't living in anyone's shadow. >> my husband isn't secretary of state. i am. >> reporter: since then she's learned many new moves. >> as i look back over these past four years, i am very proud of the work we have done together. >> reporter: as she said her good-byes friday, she called for the mission to continue. >> i know that the world we are trying to help bring into being,
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in the 21st century, will have many difficult days. but i am more optimistic today than i was when i stood here four years ago. >> reporter: driving away for a private gathering at her home. she's not ready to fully reveal her next act. >> i will miss you. i will probably be dialing ops just to talk. i will wonder what you all are doing. because i know that, because of your efforts, day after day, we are making a real difference. >> and her successor has already been sworn in. tell us about that, reena. >> he was sworn in yesterday afternoon. he's expected to address the state department employees early monday morning.
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but i have a feeling, dan, that he'll receive less criticism over his hairstyles than she did. >> the former massachusetts senator john kerry sworn in yesterday and sworn in with cupcakes. i love that. welcome to the world's most stressful job and here's a cupcake. reena ninan, thank you. we're going to turn now to a dramatic 911 call made by a terrified young boy who was home alone when thieves broke into his florida home. it turns out it was his quick-thinking that helped police catch the intruders. ron is back with this story. >> reporter: this boy showed plenty of courage and as you said, some quick-thinking by grabbing a land line phone and calling for help as the intruders came barging into his family's home in miami beach. >> please hurry! >> okay, i need your phone number. >> please, hurry.
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>> okay, are you there? >> yes, i'm home. i'm home alone. please hurry. >> reporter: you can hear the panic in his voice. an 11-year-old boy, fighting his overwhelming fear as he calls 911 from a closet. all while a group of burglars ransacked his miami beach home. >> i was just scared and i was shocked. all that went through my mind, please don't see me. please let the police catch him. >> reporter: the boy whose identity we have concealed was home alone at the time. his mom out for a quick jog. he said that he first knew something was wrong when he heard a loud crash. apparently the thieves breaking through a glass door. then they started rummaging through drawers taking everything, from jewelry to an iphone. with the brave, little boy hidden just feet away. >> i heard them breaking things and i heard things falling on the floor. they weren't speaking english. they were speaking like russian, or haitian, or maybe spanish or french, or something. >> reporter: after several heart-pounding minutes, police arrived, catching one of the suspects at the scene. two others would be caught hours later.
7:14 am
as for our young hero, he received a medal and a serious pat on the back from miami beach police. >> helping us really to put some real bad guys away. he really did a great job. >> go with your gut, that's what i always say. >> go with your gut. the boy's mother said that she always told her son to run and hide. it was a lesson well learned. so well learned, in fact, when police arrived he was still in the closet, trembling but well. >> you can't blame him. >> i would have been terrified. the first thing he wanted to know was how his dog lolo was? >> ron, thanks. time for a check of the weather and over to ginger zee. we'll start with lake-effect snow. one of my favorite things to talk about. northern ohio, had up to 15 inches of snow, including chardon, ohio, well over a foot in a lot of places. it was kind of spotty, though, that's how it's going to be today. buffalo, going to get anywhere from 6 to 10 inches. watertown, also.
7:15 am
let me put this into motion for you. snowmaker has given chicago some snow this morning. it will reach down into parts of west virginia is going to pick up some snow. even the northeast, by tomorrow, a couple of inches. we call it nuisance snow. rather than a huge snowstorm, by any means. it feels like 12 in chicago. 8, indianapolis. 22, nashville. look at this picture, though, you want to get warm, you go out west. phoenix is 75. l.a. is 75. and a quick look at that super bowl forecast. 65 right around game-time start and then 10:00, 53. that's the big pictu
7:16 am
>> couple of really beautiful skies sent to me on twitter. let's get right to it and show you. doesn't it look like a cottonelle commercial or something? like toilet paper in the sky. i see a lot of photos, so i got to describe them somehow. very pretty with that full moon in place. >> thank you, punxsutawney ginger. we appreciate it. now to our "good morning america" countdown to the super bowl. the big game is fun for the fans. but for the players, it's very serious business and a threat of a major concussion always hangs over the action. abc's jim avila has this exclusive look at this new cutting-edge technology that could save lives. >> reporter: at sports labs across the country, the race is
7:17 am
on to find products that protect the brain and that can actually warn athletes of imminent concussion and brain damage. >> this is the equivalent of running at full speed and hitting a fully immovable object. >> reporter: reebok and the electronics company mc10 just developed this mesh cap. giving "good morning america" an exclusive first look. it's worn underneath head gear or a helmet, lined with sensors that monitor the strength and number of hits to the head in any contact sport. using green, yellow and red lights to warn teammates, coaches, trainers, even parents in the stands, of serious impact. so if i'm in the huddle, i would see this blinking light. >> and yeah, i might say, jimmy, are you okay? >> reporter: it's called check light. >> think of it as an extra set of eyes.
7:18 am
>> reporter: he played in the nfl for eight seasons and said that this new warning system will help players stand up to the culture that urges them to play through damaging hits. >> it takes the issue of toughness out of it. this objective measure. >> reporter: super bowl center matt birk of the baltimore ravens said that nfl players have an obligation to make it safely. he's donated his brain after death for concussion study. he said that this is critical. >> it's not like a broken bone or something that's very evident to the eye or to a medical doctor, and so, this device gives you instant feedback. >> reporter: jim avila, abc news, washington. >> this is an issue that the president talked about it. he said if he had a son, he wasn't sure if he would let him play football.
7:19 am
another story line leading up to the big line, for the first time, two brothers are coaching against each other in the super bowl or the brobowl. >> harbowl some are calling it. sibling rivalry has made for good drama. jim and john harbaugh went face to face in a rare pregame duel news conference. abc's chris connelly decided who won. >> reporter: is there such a thing as too much brotherly love? >> you always try to get great coaches. there's none better than jim harbaugh. >> i would work for him. >> i concur. >> reporter: as their teams prepare to face each other in the super bowl. brothers john harbaugh and jim harbaugh held a joint press conference on friday. who won? >> welcome, thanks for coming. >> reporter: immediately john put points on the board, with a freshly pressed suit. >> i just want to start by saying, what an honor it is for both of us to be here with each other. no question about it. >> reporter: and a gracious greeting. touchdown. john 7, jim 0. jim's 49ers can score in a
7:20 am
hurry, though, and so can he. >> commonalities. >> reporter: he's into the end zone with a charm offensive. we're tied at 7. >> you knew he couldn't spell commonality. >> reporter: flag on the play. john is penalized 15 yards for piling on. last chance to dance. can field goals settle this battle of the harbaugh? >> can you apply one or two things that you learned from your mother that you applied in your coaching careers? >> well, there's no one in the family who has more competitive fire than my mother. >> nobody! >> reporter: what a kick. it ends in 10-10 tie. once again. agreement all of the way around. >> i have given no consideration to the postgame handshake. or anything else. have you, jim?
7:21 am
>> i have not. >> and we should say our partners over at espn are going all-out for the big game. make sure to watch "sunday nfl countdown" tomorrow, starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. and coming up here on "good morning america" -- sound check. the man behind the manti te'o catfishing hoax, re-creates the female voice. our experts weigh in. was it him? plus, crying in your beer. we take you behind the scenes of the new heartwarming bud ad featuring a clydesdale. and it's groundhog day. you're looking at live pictures, where punxsutawney phil makes his prediction. and we have another groundhog, staten island chuck who will answer another question, who's going to win the super bowl? staten island chuck who will answer the other question, who's going to win the super bowl? [ virginia ] i do have a healthy diet, but there are foods
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♪ ♪ suddenly i see ♪ suddenly i see no shadow to see. an early spring for you and me. >> an early spring. there he is, punxsutawney phil on his big day, emerging from
7:29 am
his hole. he didn't see his shadow, meaning, an early spring is on its way. they're ecstatic. ginger. >> liar! >> you're skeptical. >> i mean, there's cloud cover. >> i've got a meteorologically sound reason why phil is wrong. >> people there are happy this morning. >> you can cut the tension in this room with a knife on the rivalry between ginger and phil. by the way, phil isn't the only groundhog in the prediction game. also coming up here on "good morning america," can staten island chuck pick the winner of the super bowl? big questions coming up in this half-hour. >> i'm betting on chuck this morning. also this morning, many football fans may find themselves tearing up sunday night. not because of the game, this budweiser commercial that's already going viral it's possibly the heartwarming super bowl ad ever.
7:30 am
we'll go behind the scenes to see how it was made. i dare you not to tear up, dan? >> yes, i'm already tearing up. she is very, very cute. >> beyonce will be storming the stage at halftime. everyone will be paying close attention given what happened on inauguration day. we'll tell you why she's smiling in this video. but first, the guy behind the manti te'o hoax is now re-creating the voice. but, is it really him? abc's linsey davis consulted some experts. >> can't express how sorry i am towards manti and his family. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with dr. phil, ronaiah tuiasosopo not only admits that he was the mastermind behind the manti te'o girlfriend hoax. but he watched as this big, burly 22-year-old man goes behind this privacy screen and allegedly transforms his voice
7:31 am
into what sounds like the fictitious female character he created. here's the original voice. >> i'm just calling to say good night and i love you. >> reporter: and here's ronaiah tuiasosopo's version. >> i'm just calling to say good night and i love you. >> reporter: according to dr. phil's voice print experts, the first recordings behind the screen pointed toward a match. but dr. phil was still skeptical. so, he had ronaiah tuiasosopo record, again, from his home. again, here's a different voice mail. >> i don't know who answered your phone. and i don't care. >> reporter: here's ronaiah tuiasosopo's version. >> i don't know who answered your phone and i don't care. >> reporter: while dr. phil said that all three of his experts confirmed that his voice matched the voice on the voice mails. we asked our own expert. >> from the three voice mails that have been released there really are no signs that i think te'o could have heard, to give away that he wasn't talking to a woman and he was talking to a man. >> reporter: watch as we compare
7:32 am
the two voice samples side by side. >> i just got here. i'm getting ready for my first session. just wanted to call you and keep you posted. >> i'm getting ready for my first session and i just wanted to call you and keep you posted. >> reporter: when te'o sat down with katie couric last week, he said that he was convinced that he was talking to a girl. >> sound like a girl? >> it does. >> reporter: ronaiah tuiasosopo said that he created the whole lennay character as an escape from his own life burdened by childhood trauma. >> as we said, as if the story could not get more bizarre. time for a check of the other top stories. for that, let's go to ron. good morning, everyone. in the news, we're getting our first look at the man holding a 5-year-old boy hostage in alabama for five days now. authorities have released this picture of 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes, they believe that the little boy named ethan is unharmed. and the obama administration proposing new rules for school
7:33 am
snacks to help fight childhood obesity. the changes mean that most candy and greasy meals will be replaced by healthier alternatives. and twitter said that it was hacked. the company said that user names, pass words for about 250,000 users have been stole in a sophisticated attack. twitter said that it's notified all of the victims of that attack. and finally, one of the rarest ring animals was airlifted for urgent medical care. this hawaiian seal was taken from the big island to oahu. because of breathing problems. they'll be an update on this coming up next week. now for the weather and ginger zee, who left her apartment and didn't see her shadow because it was 4:00 a.m. that's one reason. >> right. when you leave 4:00 a.m., it's the same answer every year. freeze warnings in florida. i can tell you, for sure, that is a very cold morning from tallahassee to jacksonville, 29
7:34 am
degrees earlier this morning, 31 jacksonville. atlanta, at 27. it's frosty in the south and it's going to stay cold in the northeast. look at some of the numbers. these are high temperatures. the next four days for big cities, like philadelphia, today 28, only getting to just above freezing on monday. washington, tomorrow, around 40. new york city, 34 by monday. but, again, staying right around >> o freezing mark. >> officially i will contradict punxsutawney and go with more winter. sorry. >> but i like what he said so much more. >> whatever you want to believe. >> i believe you. for millions of people, the best part of super bowl sound is the commercials. and this year, we don't have to wait. many of them are already posted
7:35 am
join online, including one that may be the most heartwarming ad yet. darren rovell went behind the scenes to see how it was made. ♪ >> reporter: this clydesdale steals the show in budweiser's new commercial for the big game. from newborn. to awe-inspiring reunion. how cute. in real life the commercial's young star lives on warm springs ranch in missouri. >> she's 5 days old right now. she was standing within two hours of being born and she was nursing within three. >> reporter: she doesn't even have a name yet. budweiser is asking viewers to send in their suggestions on facebook and twitter. what she does have is that signature clydesdale look we have seen in super bowl commercials since 1986.
7:36 am
a white blazed down the face and those feathery white legs. >> these little guys have the potential of being budweiser clydesdales. >> reporter: when they're 4, they're considered mature. and they can do this, march in a parade. but this little clydesdale is taking a shortcut to fame. if what budweiser said is right, more than 100 million people will remember her long after the game is over. for "good morning america," darren rovell, missouri. >> she's adorable, isn't she? coming up on "good morning america" -- move over, phil. we'll introduce you to staten island chuck. find out if a groundhog can predict the winner of the super bowl. and how can you combine nachos and lasagna? keep it here. nachos and lasagna? keep it here. and lasagna? keep it here.
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7:41 am
and predicting an early spring is on the way. but he's not the only groundhog who's got game. >> that's right. there's another groundhog here in new york. state island chuck is predicting the outcome of the super bowl. apparently, one of many animals trying to pick a winner. abc's john muller is all over this story. >> reporter: his name is staten island chuck, weighs 13 pounds and eats corn for breakfast. he's a tough new york city groundhog. now, he joins a four-legged legion predicting who's going to disneyland. >> well, it's groundhog day, waiting the forecast for punxsutawney phil. >> reporter: if you're like bill murray thinking that this is just another groundhog day. think again, spring can wait. super bowl sunday is upon us. >> touchdown! >> reporter: so this morning, we asked the ultimate pigskin prognosticating question, can the groundhog predict the winner of the super bowl?
7:42 am
for the answer, meet staten island chuck. he makes his home at the staten island zoo, and in an "good morning america" exclusive, he's making his super bowl pick. will he catch 49er fever or go with ray lewis and the ravens? but before we reveal the inside information that will have you running to a las vegas sports book. we wonder what other creatures were thinking about the big game. if you're taking your cue from a monkey, they seem to be going heavy on the niners. same goes for the pick of the pups. mr. nuts here, well, this cool cat is betting on baltimore. the porcupine likes the ravens. even this camel sees the ravens getting over the hump. are we sensing a trend? it's all up to you, staten island chuck. the first step, the bait. who knew groundhogs liked corn? now, the choice. 49ers or ravens? get ready for the play by play. he breaks right, charges
7:43 am
forward. very little hesitation. chuck is a groundhog who feels the pick in his gut. he's going, he's going, he's picking the 49ers to win super bowl xlvii. chew on that, america. if you played along at home, and haven't switched the channel, there are three animals going for 49ers and three animals going for the ravens, breaking the prediction right here, we go to the high seas. more accurately, an aquarium in florida. they're going for the ravens. >> oh, no. >> go figure. there you have it. by the way, chuck, predicts an early spring. i can't remember the shadow thing. staten island chuck, also like punxsutawney phil, this morning, predicted an early spring. >> really? >> you channelled your inner sports commentator. well done. >> thank you. >> bravo, john muller. >> take it away! >> love that. coming up here on "good morning america" -- halftime sneak peek, find out why beyonce
7:44 am
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7:48 am
all right, it's "pop news." and our entertainment reporter and host of "on the red carpet," rachel smith, is here in new york. which we always love. good morning. >> i brought a little treat for you, too. hang tight. so, folks, less than 36 hours until the super bowl, but if you can't wait, we've got another behind the scenes sneak peek at the rehearsals for beyonce's halftime show. they posted this video, from day two to youtube. if you look closely, girls run the world. there's not a single guy up there. beyonce certainly seems to be
7:49 am
enjoying her moment in the spotlight. her backup singers are putting a big old smile on her face. maybe the only guy that could possibly be on the stage with her is jay-z. but, who knows? another question. >> we'll find out tomorrow, right? okay, another fabulous lady, first lady michelle obama, her new hairdo has received banging reviews from seemingly all, except from chanel creative director karl lagerfeld. in a recent interview, he said that it was a bad idea and that she looks like a news anchor. say what? >> that is low. a news anchor? >> absolutely not. >> by the way, none of us have bangs. all right, of course, this isn't the first time that he's made digs at a celebrity. but, let's move on. i promised you guys a treat. bring it on in, phil. >> punxsutawney phil. >> not quite.
7:50 am
if you want to impress your guests this super bowl sunday, forget those theater nachos. this is nacho lasagna. it comes from a chef here in new york city. it's not on the menu. he's offering it up exclusively for "good morning america." you can get the ingredients and the recipe online at "good morning america." all right, stay tuned. we're going to take a quick break. we'll try it. more when we get back. stay tuned. >> i mean, check this out. ick break. we'll try it. more when we get back. stay tuned. >> i mean, check this out. okay. ready... mm-hmm. ♪ happy valentine's day. [ female announcer ] time it just right for valentine's day and save 30% on these diamond fashions from kay jewelers. just one more reason kay is the number one jewelry store in america. ready... [ camera flash ] ♪ every kiss begins with kay
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7:54 am
all right. we got 13 seconds to give the verdict on the nacho lasagna. what is everyone saying? >> spicy. >> yeah, spicy. >> ron, as always, is skeptical. i like it. thank you for watching. we'll see you tomorrow morning.
7:55 am
>> good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. five years of construction are finally coming to an end on devel's slide on san mateo county coast. workers are putting the fchk touches on two tunnel that has bypass this dangerous part of highway 1. the grand opening may come as early as this spring. >> new this morning, mayor ed lee is looking way beyond tomorrow's superbowl to help san francisco cash in on big time sporting events. they report he wants to establish a permanent nonprofit organization to help bring future events here including the 2024 olympic games. he said yesterday the idea grew
7:56 am
out of recent efforts to raise up to $20 million to help cover the city's cost to host the america's cup this summer. it the nonprofit would be called one, san francisco. let's get a check of accu-weather forecast, with lisa argen. >> good morning. it is mostly cloudy. here is a look from roof camera. temperatures are mild with the cloud cover. its spare the air day today. we'll see a little bit of the fog and low cloudiness filter the sunshine. in fact, four mile visibility in santa rosa and pretty mild around watsonville. we are looking at temperatures a little bit cooler today. high pressure is in control but notice the clouds moving from up the south. the ridge keeps us dry and more sunshine tomorrow and temperatures will come up a little bit for your sunday. 64 today and palo alto with 65 in san jose. look for 64 around the livermore valley and down to the 70s
7:57 am
yesterday to the 60s today. a little rain coming our way next week. >> carolyn: thank you.
7:58 am
good morning, thanks for joining us on this saturday, february 2nd. i'm carolyn tyler in for katie marzullo.
7:59 am
let's take a look at our weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. we are starting out from the east bay camera where you can see all the clouds and haze. we do have airport delays and fog reducing visibility down to a quarter mile in the north bay. we will have some filtered sunshine out there this afternoon and that will provide slightly cooler day today. numbers right now in the 40s to near 50. we'll look for about 61 today in downtown san francisco. 65 in san jose. with the filtered sunshine, it's the spare-the-air day and air quality is not great. we'll look for a cooler day at our coast and 60 in half moon bay. we do have changes in for superbowl sunday. first full week of february featuring a return to winter. that means some rain. i'll have details for you a little bit later. >> carolyn: 49er fans are preparing for tomorrow's superbowl and city

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